Michelle’s Timeless Kitchen Makeover

by on Mar 6, 2015


White kitchen cabinets and a small window in the middle
Photo: Hummingbird High

Michelle’s kitchen, before its makeover was a ‘hot mess.’ Eighteen inch deep countertops, a leaking sink, a painted-shut window. Not exactly paradise for someone who is writes a blog about baking. But Michelle changed all that. She saved up and sacrificed her sanity to be able to afford a kitchen makeover that’s nothing less than a slice of heaven. Check out what the sink area looks like now:

A white kitchen cabinet with white tiles
Photo: Hummingbird High

Michelle’s cooking area wasn’t much better ‘before.’ The ‘after,’ however is delightful.

A new stove, stove hood, and new hardware on cabinets and drawers revives a white classic kitchen.
Photo: Hummingbird High

This is just a taste of the kitchen’s transformation. For many more lovely features of the makeover, please, please visit Hummingbird High. 

Hummingbird High’s Kitchen Remodel, Pt. III: After [Hummingbird High]



  1. Anonymous

    While it is very very pretty, I miss the curves of the old doors and the screen on the doors under the sink.  I also would have tried to save the cabinets and reincorporated them just because they are so unique.  That being said, I would be very very happy in the new kitchen and hope Michelle is too.