Before and After: A Fairytale Bedroom Come True

Before and After: A Fairytale Bedroom Come True
Photo: Huffpost Home

Kylie is a lucky 5-year-old little girl with a very resourceful mommy, Bethany. She teamed up with Laurel and Wolf to have Kylie's bedroom made over. No less than 10 designers submitted inspiration boards for the makeover. Bethany posted them all on her blog, and then let her readers decide  which one would be the winner. Below are just two of the possibilities.

One possibility:

Image: Bethany Struble

Another possibility:

Image: Bethany Struble

Alas, neither of those won over the hearts of Bethany's readers. The style board they chose resulted in this fairytale bedroom for Kylie:

Photo: HuffPost Home

You can check out all 10 design boards on Bethany's blog by clicking here. What do you think of the selection? Did her readers get it right?? 

A Fairytale Girl's Bedroom Makeover [HuffPost Home]

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