Weekend Project: Amazing Mid-Century Side Table with Hidden Storage

Weekend Project: Amazing Mid-Century Side Table with Hidden Storage
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

I've seen a whole lot of side table projects, but this? Well, it takes the cake, literally. Believe it or not, a metal cake pan is the key ingredient in this DIY mid-century side table. Curious to see how it turned out?    


Ashley from Sugar & Cloth made this amazing mid-century side table that very cleverly utilizes a cake pan to create hidden storage inside the table itself.

Now that is a DIY I can get on board with. Perfect weekend project, right?

Photo: Sugar & Cloth

Visit Sugar & Cloth for the full tutorial and more photos.

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Anonymous on Mar 03, 2015:

Being the title says Table, I would assume people would know not to sit on it... I think it's cute!! Wouldn't fit in my house, but it's adorable!!! Good idea!

Brittni Mehlhoff on Mar 02, 2015:

Hi AE. It's definitely not a stool...just a side table. So you wouldn't want to sit on it. And the top can also easily be secured if you prefer. Hope that helps.

AE on Feb 28, 2015:

So the top isn't fastened on and the whole thing looks like a stool but if anyone sits on it, the cake pan will collapse.  Bad design.  Who is screening these projects?  Th

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