Dreamy and Teeny: 13 Impromptu Office Spaces

Dreamy and Teeny: 13 Impromptu Office Spaces

Having an entire room in your home dedicated to office space is a luxury for most people. But the 14 tiny work spaces in this roundup prove that big offices aren't all that. As a matter of a fact, these teeny offices are so dreamy, they'll make people with the full-size counterparts consider downsizing 

This slot of an office has everything you'd want and more:

Photo: Transform Home

For $1000 Sara converted a closet in her living room into a fabulous little office space:

Photo: Sunset

Even tinier and just as fabulous is Martina's hall coat closet turned office:

Photo: Offbeat Home

This little alcove off a dining area is put to good use, and blends in nicely with it's surroundings:

Photo: Home Stories A to Z

This little space could have been an alcove or a closet. Either way, the built-ins make it look like it's always been there:

Photo: Pinterest

File storage, printer, desk, overhead lighting...this little space has it all:

Photo: A Passion for Home

Tiny? This sweet little space is more like micro:

Photo: Domino

A far cry from Harry Potter's cupboard under the stairs, this space looks like it serves as a family's command center. (Note the antique the corded phone and  CRT. Yeah, the pic is probably old, but the space's function is as current as ever.)

Photo: Pinterest

Although this alcove happens to be part of a 'kid's den,' its use is so very charming, and those windows??? Swoon.

Photo: Sarah Richardson Design

An underutilized coat closet in a dining room (a coat closet in a dining room?) underwent a major facelift, as the homeowners opened it up, made it bigger...

Photo: Home Talk

and turned it into an office:

Photo: Home Talk

Tricia's closet looked like it already functioned as an office of sorts, but she turned it into something you'd want to hide...

Photo: Simplicity in The South

into something you'd want to show off:

Photo: Simplicity in The South

Another alcove, this time with a delightful pop of color and tons of character:

Photo: NYT

This nook might be hidden away, but in no way does that mean it's in a dark location. On the contrary, it's full of light:

Photo: Prifx

For our finale, this set up where the closet in question serves as a credenza of sorts. The disco ball rockets this pick to squeal-worthy status. Love.

Photo: Pinterest

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