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Before and After: $1500 Turquoise Kitchen Makeover

by on Jan 9, 2015

Photo: Dans le Townhouse

I’m guessing Tanya’s wicked awesome Pyrex collection had more than a little influence on her choice of colors when it came to her budget kitchen remodel. She and her handy husband painted the lower cabinets and removed the uppers altogether. A new DIY countertop and accessories later and the kitchen is unrecognizable. All on a $1500 budget! Take a look:

Light blue and white dishes are lined up on white shelves above a sink in a white and teal kitchen.
Photo: Dans le Townhouse

Bam! huh?? And here’s a close-up of that wicked awesome Pyrex collection:

Blue and white dishes fill the shelves over four pieces of art on the wall.
Photo: Photo: Dans le Townhouse

For more information and such, head on over to Dans le Townhouse.

Before & After: Turquoise Dream Kitchen [Dans le Townhouse]

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  1. Peggy

    Adorable. I couldn’t do with less storage – but I love how brith and open it is without the window framed in shelving. Love the countertop too

  2. Carrie

    I read through the interview, it’s a short term fix while they save for a larger remodel.  That would be fun to do something really bold (that might look dated in 2 years) if you know its only your interim kitchen.  I think it’s surprisingly cute, quite a change for only $1,500.

  3. Cindy

    Yes it is pretty, but I feel like so many of the renos you see on the internet are just for the camera. I am thinking where would my spices go? I have cupboard full of them by my stove. Everything has to be so neat and tidy. Not practical for me, but it is pretty for the camera.

  4. Love this example of what you can do for just 1500.00. In looking at the cabinets they lost, I would bet they have the same if not more storage now than before with those tiny cabinets. Except for the loss of the range hood and microwave, I think this is a great option. I would imagine most of our kitchens have cabinets we never get anything out of and are just spots to stick items we should have tossed some time ago. I know my kitchen does at least. 🙂