Make It: Nail-Polish Pots

Make It: Nail-Polish Pots

Science, son, is the success behind this project--probably something about the density in the solvent in the polish in relation to the other ingredients in the polish--but who cares? It works! And the results  are lovely. Stuff we'll need to make one include a big old bucket, some water, and a few inexpensive bottles of nail polish. Visit Home-Dzine for the entire tutorial. 

Home-Dzine [http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-varnish-pots.htm]

Paint pots splashed with nail varnish [Home-Dzine]

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char on Jan 06, 2015:

This also works with spray paints. Bucket of water. Spray paint on surface. Dip flower pots. Grinds either plastic or metal. Swirls the colors for unique and one of a kind.

Also blue tooths. Careful! But decorate the non movable parts with polish. for Christmas I painted a green tree with red bulbs.
Tired of the design. Careful, remove Polish with polish remover, celebrate the next holiday. Hearts on mine coming soon

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