How To: Make Ping Pong Ball Cafe Lights

Say Yes [http://sayyes.com/2014/03/diy-ping-pong-ball-cafe-lights.html]

Before you put those Christmas lights away, you must check out Liz's delightful ping pong ball/LED string light project. The balls give the lights a diaphanous quality that make them  look less Christmasy and more like anytime party lights. Great indoors for a cool light effect; perfect outdoors for summertime parties. Of course, if you don't have an extra strand of LEDs to use for the project, NOW is the time to buy them! To check out the entire tutorial, visit Liz over at Say Yes. 

Say Yes [http://sayyes.com/2014/03/diy-ping-pong-ball-cafe-lights.html]

Note: this project only works with LED lights! The incandescent kind would get much too hot and be dangerous coupled with regular incandescent lights. 

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