Can You Guess the Medium of These Masterpiece Recreations?

Nasa Funahara [http://news.distractify.com/pinar/nasa-funahara-masking-tape-paintings/]

Artist Nasa Funahara's recreations of the old masters is nothing less than astounding. Especially when considering her medium. Can you guess what it is? If you said paper & decoupage, you'd be wrong. Here's a hint, it's  paint's best friend when we take brush to wall. 

Above, Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring; below, Mäda Gertrude Primavesi by Gustav Klimt. 

Nasa Funahara [http://news.distractify.com/pinar/nasa-funahara-masking-tape-paintings/]

Did you guess masking tape?? Yup. Masking tape. She cuts and places each bit of tape on her canvases using a copy of the original for reference. And if that process isn't impressive enough, get this, it takes her only about a week to finish each piece. Astounding. To see more of Nasa's work, visit her portfolio.

Artist Recreates Classic Paintings With Colorful Strips of Masking Tape [Distractify]

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