How To: Turn an Old Tire into a Pouf or Coffee Table

by on Dec 22, 2014

Three old tires stacked together.

When we first moved into our house, we found that the previous owners left behind a gift: an old tire in the attic space of the garage. We were so touched, not. Hauling it to the recycling center was just another thing to add to the money pit’s to-do list. Now I wish we would have kept it as old, dejected tires can make lovely furniture. We’ll start with Wiki’s tire to coffee table project. It might have a tire shape, but no one would know it started its life as one. I’m definitely gonna make one of these next time a tire rolls into my life. (See what I did there?)

WikiHow []

Our second project comes via a YouTube video. The video is in Spanish, but even if you don’t speak the language, it’s so well done, you won’t even notice. Okay, you’ll notice, but the steps are so clear, you’ll know what the maker is saying even if you don’t speak Spanish. Oh, did I mention it was a pouf?? Watch the video below to see the outcome.

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