How To: Make Your Own Modern Sled for Under $60

HomeMade Modern [http://homemade-modern.com/ep51-modern-toboggan/]

When it comes to snow, I'm firmly in the "No thank you, lady Nature" camp. It looks pretty in photos and that's about as close as I want to get to the stuff. But I do enjoy a good thrill as much as the next person, so the idea of shooting down the side of a snow-covered hill on nothing but a tiny piece of wood or plastic is undeniably appealing. If you also enjoy a good sled ride, check out this ridiculously cool one you can make yourself!       

Ben from HomeMade Modern is keeping the modern DIY train moving with this take on a toboggan. Made from plywood and 2x4s, the whole thing costs around $60. Check out Ben's tutorial for measurements and instructions.

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