How To: Create Color Blocked Stair Risers without Paint

by on Dec 9, 2014

Raw wood steps with an orange horizontal triangle on the right side, stairs with long horizontal orange triangles on the risors.Kiera Coffee for Lonny

I love a good stair DIY, especially when it’s colorful, but for renters, this kind of DIY is typically not an option. Until now. This color blocked stair riser project doesn’t involve any paint and can be removed before your lease is up. Renters rejoice!   

Crafter and stylist Kiera Coffee came up with this day glow staircase idea for Lonny, using colorful vinyl. I absolutely love it because the possibilities are kind of endless. You can add additional colors for an even brighter look, cut out a vinyl message, etc. So many variations.

Woman peeling backing off orange vinyl sticker.Kiera Coffee for Lonny

Visit Lonny for more photos and the full tutorial.