Astounding Bedroom Makeover

Astounding Bedroom Makeover

Mandi's 16-year-old sister-in-law had an enviable bedroom before its recent makeover because of its size. (There's space enough for a sitting/dressing area and a sleeping area.) After its makeover, that envy just might have turned to covet. In addition to fresh paint and thrifted items, Mandi went all DIY over it. There are a lot of highlights here, including a vintage  $65 luscious green velvet sofa, DIY string-art by-pass closet doors, and a thrifted resin deer head with cactus antlers, just to name a few. Here's what the sitting/dressing area looks like now:

And below is the sleeping area after. To see what it looked like before, and to get a breakdown of all the room's elements, including links to DIY's, visit this page at Vintage Revivals.

Ashy's Desert Nomad Room Reveal [Vintage Revivals]

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Anonymous on Dec 10, 2014:

Love that green sofa.  I found a copper velvet loveseat at a thrift store ten years ago...wears like iron.

Anonymous on Dec 08, 2014:

Nice makeover... A lot bigger than my room, and I have to hold any kitchen items (including food) and truck them back and forth to a common kitchen plus any bathroom items.

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