Roundup: 20 DIY Ornament Projects to Make this Holiday Season

Roundup: DIY Ornament Projects

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (hope yours was nice!), it's time to start trimming those Christmas trees! Whether you want to make them for your collection or to give as gifts, ornaments are a great and classic way to make your tree more festive. What better way to kick off December than with 20 DIY ornament projects?!

1. Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments by Katy Elliott

2. Gold Leaf Ornaments by Hello Natural 

3. Faceted Gemstone Ornaments by Jade and Fern

4. Rustic Snowflake Tutorial by Little Things Bring Smiles 

Roundup: 20 DIY Ornaments

5. Monogram Stick Ornaments by 3 Squeezes 

6. Clothespin Ornament by Stephanie Lynn 

7. Colorblock Glitter Ornaments by The Sweetest Occasion 

8. Cement Gem Ornaments by Lovely Indeed

20 DIY Ornaments

9. Wooden Christmas Ornaments by Tara Victoria 

10. Glitter Filled Ornaments by Madigan Made

11. Paint Splatter Ornaments by Love From Ginger

12. Salt Dough Ornaments by Freutcake 

20 DIY Ornaments

13. Botanical Ornament by The Crafted Life

14. Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments by Hello Lidy

15. Ribbon Candy Felt Ornaments by The Purl Bee

16. Wire Ornaments by Crafts Unleashed 

20 DIY Ornaments

17. Monogram Ornaments by A Pair of Pears

18. Mini Disco Glitter Balls by Love From Ginger

19. Wood Bead Ornaments by Nalle's House 

20. Thumbtack Ornament by Sarah Hearts 

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