Oh-so-Chic Teen Bedroom Makeover

Oh-so-Chic Teen Bedroom Makeover

Based upon her dream bedroom wishes, I'm guessing Maddy isn't your typical teenage girl. You can tell from what her bedroom looked like before that she certainly has an eye for design. A lot of people--teenage or otherwise--would LOVE a bedroom that looked like that. But, as I said, Maddy isn't your typical teenage girl. Plus, she was getting older and her tastes were getting even more refined. Step in her very talented  mother, Susie Harris, who oversaw the makeover which included installing some can lights above the bed, making an upholstered and framed headboard (using painter's drop cloths), installing wall sconces, and adding some fun pillows and throws. After all that, here's what Maddy's bedroom looks like now:

On the other side of the room, Susie installed a DIY makeup station. 

For more information and pictures of the room makeover, visit this page on Susie Harris Blog. And for more information about the makeup station, visit this page.

A Teen Room Makeover [Susie Harris Blog]

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