Inspiration: Build a Faux Range Hood?

Inspiration: Build a Faux Range Hood?

Why would anyone want a faux range hood? If you're Magali you first conduct a survey asking friends, family, and random strangers how often they used their range hood vents. Her results revealed that the majority of people only use them a few times a year whereas they use the light all the time. This settled it, she would  ask her carpenter to build a faux hood that she could easily incorporate a vent into if she felt she needed it, but in the meantime, it would add light, style, and storage to her sweet cottage kitchen. Her innovative design dispenses with handles and incorporates a small shelf to use as a pull. What do you think? Could a faux range hood be in your future? Just how often DO you use your range hood? (For me, about a half a dozen times a year.) For more information about the project, visit The Little White House on the Seaside. 

Little White Kitchen Hood [The Little White House on the Seaside]

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