The NON-Reality of Reality TV Remodeling

The NON-Reality of Reality TV Remodeling
Castle Building & Remodeling reminds us that the reality of remodeling on reality TV isn't real. They decided to prove their assertion by filming an entire bathroom remodel and explaining the process and timeframe along the way. But before the fun begins, they remind us that the non-reality of realty TV remodeling begins with four important caveats:

  1. The products that go into such reality TV remodels are often provided for free, so even if they don't fit with the style of the homes, tough.
  2. The rooms are designed by the shows/hosts which puts limitations on the homeowners input. 
  3. Their timelines are generally way off. For example, a host might say a bathroom remodel can be completed in 3 to 7 days. Legally, that's not feasible. (Ever try getting an inspection done?)
  4. Costs are way out of whack because labor is provided by the homeowners, their friends and contractors looking for free advertising. 

As I see it, #4 is the big eye-opener for DIYer's inspired to take on such a job. So, how long does a REAL bathroom remodel take? Twenty to 30 days, and that's done by professionals. To see the entire process (in this case 24 days) compacted into just 6:31 minutes, watch this video:

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