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From Lackluster to Lovely: Joy’s Bedroom Makeover

by on Nov 10, 2014

Frock Files

Most people with a “lackluster” bedroom might punch it up with tons of color. Not Joy. She used black and white–with just a touch of gold–and luscious textures to bring on some serious style.

Bed room with bed, bed sheet and pillows.Frock Files

Swing arm lamps mounted on either side of the existing headboards, new side tables (one serving clever double-duty as a work space), and scrumptiously inviting faux sheepskin rugs are just some of the room’s highlights. To read more about the makeover, and to see more individual elements, visit this page at Frock Files. 

Bed with robe laying on it near mirror and closet doors.Frock Files

Autumn Refresh: Bedroom Makeover Reveal! [Frock Files]

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