Gift Guide: 14 Unique Gifts for Those Who Have Everything

Gift Guide: 14 Unique Gifts for Those Who Have Everything

From seasoned DIYers, Martha wannabes, lovable geeks, young ones or the young at heart, there's something for everyone on this gift guide no matter what the budget. What's better is that these gifts are unique, so they're perfect for those that have everything, which is just about everybody on my Christmas list  these days. Well, it's not like they have everything. It more like they're hard to buy for. But be that as it may, we'll start with DIYers, shall we?


I love this oh-so-blue Trusco Deluxe Tool Box (Kelyu Hisashi, 1947) available at the MoMA store for $110 ($99 for members). It's a work of art, no??

I've always wanted to get Sweetie Pie a branding iron to sign the furniture he makes. Etsy seller Rubber Balls And Liquor offers custom branding irons, all $130 each.

See that little house on the bottom left in the picture below? It's a tape measure, and they're available in ash and walnut from the Japan Trend Shop for $48. BUT I was thinking that they might even be DIY able somehow. (Might work on that; stay tuned.)

As for our favorite geeks . . . 

check out this blueprint inspired by "real vintage patent drawings & illustrations" of, in this case, Batman. (So cool.) It's from Oliver Gal Artist Co and it comes in 3 sizes (from $160 to $300), but if Batman isn't your thing, they also have other blueprints including a 1938 Fassin Camera and a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Guitar. (All the same prices and sizes.)

New from Think Geek is this squeal-worthy R2D2 Carry-On Luggage. Love, love, love! And it's only $80. A small price to pay for much geek joy. 

Now let's turn to home-furnishings.

I'm always on the lookout for cool candle holders, but there aren't many that actually make me giddy. Dwell Studio's new Fire Candleholder ($60) does just that. Made of ceramic, the hurricane mimics a sea sponge, so not only does it cast a fascinating glow, it provides interesting texture too.

Remember how Weebles wobbled but they didn't fall down? That's exactly how these Wobble Bowls by Speechless Studio's work. The makers say that the round-bottom bowls rock and spin but won't tip over. Available in three sizes, they range from $38 to $85 each. Delightful.

Pure Modern's Air Plant Modern Living Statue ($108) is just that. It's part plant, part statue, and all beautiful. Very low maintenance makes it a perfect gift for those minimalists that might not have the greenest of thumbs.

If the person on your gift list does have a green thumb, then this absolutely gorgeous Jack Planter might just make them swoon. As its name implies, it was inspired by the classic Jacks and Ball game. The stand itself is made of walnut and the bowl is powder-coated aluminum. Sold as a set at Horne for $225.

I don't think I've ever included a Christmas ornament on any of my previous holiday gift lists before, but this double bubble bauble (say that fast three times) from West Elm caught my eye big time. The bubble in a bubble is 4" in diameter and cost $12 each. 

Let's lighten things up a bit and turn an eye to the kiddos or the kiddos at heart.

First are these oh-so-cute Animal Crayons from the MoMa Store. A set of 12 costs $12 ($10.80 for members). Seriously, I know these are for kids, but come on, wouldn't you love them too??

A little white porcelain bunny? Darling. A little white porcelain bunny whose cotton tail is a light bulb? Super darling. Appropriately called Bunny Light, it was designed by Aaron Norman and is available at SFMoMA for $100. Note that this is USB powered and will work with your phone or camera charger plug, according to the SFMoMA website. 

Do you know someone who has a coin jar? If so, then they might need this Teapot Coin Bank by Megawing (available at Emmo Home for $32). Made of white ceramic, you plop your coins in its top slot and then pour them out of its snout, I mean spout, when you need some change. 

And finally, this absolutely amazing Sailing Ship Kite. Okay, let's think about that for a second. It's a kite. That's shaped like a sailing ship. Seriously. The vivid red-orange kite is 25 x 27" and is made of locally-sourced bamboo and nylon. Although you can fly it--it is suggested in a strong wind--the ship could also serve as a mobile. It's available at SFMoMA for $42. (If you visit the website, you can watch a cool, short video highlighting the ship's assembly.)


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Sara on Nov 30, 2016:

The Fire Votive Holder is actually by Iittala and not Dwell Studios... just a little heads up in case anyone is still looking for it.

Mark Jason on Jun 02, 2015:

Amazing work has been done here by you. Thanks for update

Jessica on Nov 09, 2014:

Congrats to haptic labs! They make AMAZING beautiful personalized (!) map quilts and diy kits as well.

Chris Gardner on Nov 07, 2014:

Love these picks. I've never wanted a kite so much in my entire life.

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