How-To: Make a Faux Copper Pipe Vase from Wooden Dowels

Faux Copper Pipe Vae by Oleander and Palm

If you don't already have a vase to display your fall blooms, then you absolutely need to check out this faux copper pipe vase by Oleander and Palm. While you could actually cut copper pipe and follow the same instructions, it's nice to know you can make something similar with half the effort (and tools!). 

And if you're not a big fan of copper, I think the core for this project is extremely customizable. I love the idea of making different versions of this depending on the season too, whether it be with different flowers, or even a different coat of paint. Make way Netflix, I just finalized what my weekend plans are!

Click here to see the full tutorial!

Faux Copper Pipe Vase by Oleander and Palm

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