Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

Sure, it's easy to buy the latest furniture from the West Elm or Pottery Barn catalogs and call it day. But sometimes the hardest part of decorating your space is adding that personal touch that really makes it your own. So today I'm going to share some tips on how to add a dose of character to your house.   


Make It Your Own: Easy Tips For Adding Character To Your Home

1. Hang artwork that reflects your personal style. It can be something you've made yourself, something that a friend created, or just something that you were drawn to at a flea market... but whatever it is, make sure that it moves you. The black and white prints in the photo above reflect the quirky, colorful personality of their owner Bunny Turner. 

2. Show your sentimental side. This is the easiest one of them all. Odds are you have a ton of photos of family and friends hiding on your computer... get them printed and hang them on the wall! Your guests will enjoy seeing another side of you. Here are a ton of alternative ways to display photos and art.

Make It Your Own: How To Add Character To Your Space

3. Choose a unique wall treatment that matches your personality. Are you drawn to bright colors and loud patterns? Consider creating a bold accent wall like the one shown above from Love Your Room. If you prefer a more subtle look, think about something like a faux bois finish... here are 10 great ideas.

4. Add some greenery. Try a low maintenance spider plant if you're style is laid back. Or if you identify with a more refined, classic style then maybe an orchid would be the perfect choice for you. A tall, prickly cactus could be a good choice if you are going for a southwestern feel.


Make It Your Own: How To Add Character To Your Space

5. Replace standard light fixtures. Most apartments and newer homes have standard lighting that does the job, but with little or no personality. Invest in new light fixtures that lend a bit of character to your space. Maybe a glamorous chandelier is your style... try it in your entryway for an instant wow-factor. Or perhaps a farmhouse style hanging light is your thing. Whatever you choose, make sure it packs a visual punch. 

Hang artwork that reflects your personal style.

6. Update hardware with something more unique. Doorknobs, cabinet pulls and knobs, and even light switch plates are all fair game. There are tons of options online, and you can find some interesting options at antique stores and flea markets. Glass, porcelain, wrought iron and many other types of knobs are available and will make your home feel less cookie-cutter and more you. 

7. Think outside the box. Do you have a great pair of heels that you love but don't wear very often? Display them on a bookshelf in your bedroom! Are you a big list person? Consider painting one wall of your office with chalkboard paint. If you have lots of hats, think about displaying them on the wall.

Don't be scared to try something new! Feel free to share other ideas in the comments section below. Happy decorating!

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