Decor Disputes: Is Dip-Dying (And 9 Other DIY Trends) REALLY Past Its Prime?

Decor Disputes: Is Dip-Dying (And 9 Other DIY Trends) REALLY Past Its Prime?

Has dip-dying overstayed its welcome? Yes, according to Elle Decor. They say its meteoric rise in popularity has put it firmly on the 'cliche' list. If you DO want to do the dip, they suggest keeping the subjects small, like bowls and wooden spoons. (Although they laud the project pictured above as having been 'done properly.') The other 9 DIY  has-beens include:

1. Instructional signs. You know, placing an 'EAT' sign in the kitchen? Yeah, over, because, according to Elle Decor, we actually know what to do in which rooms in our homes. Can't really argue with that, but then they say that in industrial kitchens, they're still welcome. Confused?

2. Mason jars. Elle says their up-and-coming replacement is the tin can, but I'm guessing 'tin cans' will be on their next no-longer-trendy list.

3. Big, bold chevrons. Although skinny chevrons is cool, according to Elle Decor. Go figure, because, like, isn't a chevron a chevron?

4. Faux capiz shell chandeliers. Unless they're real. Then they're still cool. Of course, generally speaking, real is always better than faux, except if it's number 6 on this list. 

5. Marker walls. Also known as "drawing on a wall with a Sharpie." Again, still cool if you're really good at it. And, let's be honest, how many people are really good at it?

6. Taxidermy crafts. Unless they're in a hunting lodge. But if you really want a deer head in your house, Elle D. encourages the faux route as they "just can't get behind the expanding field of DIY taxidermy."  

7. Pallet furniture. For--get this--safety reasons. (A great opportunity to include a link to that Curbly post that just won't die.)

8. Distressed furniture. Sort of. Elle Decors espouses the lightly distressed edges rule, not the half-stripped look. Which looks half-done. Okay, I get that. 

9. Chalkboard paint. This has gone the dip-dying route. It's still cool done in small amounts. Not, Elle says, on walls. Am I the only one that's ever wondered how much chalk dust is created erasing an entire wall?

There it is, another 'it's so over list.' What do you think? Are you sick to death of any of them too? If so, which ones? Are there any that will forever be a favorite to your decor sensibilities? Comment below to join the conversation!

And to read the entire article, including why these DIY trends have lost favor in Elle Decor's estimation, click here. 

10 DIY Projects That Are Past Their Prime (And How to Update Them) [Elle Decor]

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S on Oct 14, 2014:

I am over white room makeovers (primarily kitchen and bath), subway tile, and painted wood for every furniture redo.

The items on this list are mostly okay, but I can definitely see being over "chevron" (I still call it zig-zags) and mason jars.

Anonymous on Oct 14, 2014:

Naked light bulbs...so........over......

Anonymous on Oct 14, 2014:

Pallets, chalkboard paint, burlap, and mason jars are all starting to get an eye roll from me.

DIY Maven on Oct 14, 2014:

@AC, I never did get the fascination with that print. 

AC on Oct 14, 2014:

I totally agree with her list, but I would have put the &[email protected]$#&$ chevrons as THE most overdone design. I've seen some lovely furniture ruined with those things. I predict that they will be to this decade what avocado green and harvest gold were to the 1970s.

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