How to: Typographic Yarn-Wrapped Twig Door Decor

by on Oct 28, 2014

diy yarn-wrapped twigs

Photo: Lexy Ward

Let’s talk about twigs! They’re just the most affordable (read: free) craft material there is! And during the fall, they’re all over the ground!  My door was feeling particularly bare this holiday season. It only took an hour to give it a spooky face lift in preparation for Halloween!      

Wrapping twigs in yarn is a quick and fun way to incorporate the colors of the season. By shaping the twigs as you wrap them, you can easily form words. In this instance, “BOO”!


  • assorted twigs
  • scissors 
  • pruning shears
  • assorted yarn

Start by arranging your twigs into letters. When searching for twigs, look for both straight and curved ones in different lengths. 

DIY Yarn-wrapped twigs

Once the twigs are arranged, start wrapping! Wrap the yarn tightly as you wind it around the twig. Overlap the end of the yarn with what you are winding to keep it in place. Wrap down the twig and stop leaving an inch or so at the end. 

Add the second twig and wrap the yarn around both tightly to keep them attached. Continue wrapping and combining until the first letter is finished. mix things up and change yarn colors occasionally. 

Repeat the steps above until all three letters are finished. 

DIY yarn-wrapped twigs

Attach the letters to each other by wrapping yarn around them in the center.

Now that the letters are combined, measure a 24″ piece of yarn and tie each end to the top of the first and last letter. A simple knot will suffice! 

diy yarn-wrapped twigs

diy yarn-wrapped twigs

Hang on your front door and wait for the visitors to come!

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