Tips For Decorating With Autumn Colors In Your Home

decorate for fall
I'm one of those people that just can't wait to break out the Halloween decorations. It's one of my favorite holidays, so orange and black come out the minute the leaves change! Now, if you're not into that kind of autumn decor, that's just fine! There are plenty of ways to bring fall colors into your home in unique and fun ways!      



decorate for fall

Switch out your pillows! Time to bring in the cozy fabrics and plush poufs. Take old sweaters and convert them into pillow covers. Check out this tutorial from Brassy Apple. You can also create a new floor pouf by stitching together pieces of favorite fall fabrics. Choose warm colors and you'll be able keep that pouf out all season long. Here's a great tutorial via Design Sponge

decorate for fall

decorate for fall

Update the curtains. I'm all for doing it yourself. But curtains? I leave to the pros. These etched curtains from West Elm have a natural look and would work in a living room long after Autumn! Tip: hanging curtains closer to the ceiling will give the illusion of higher ceilings. Even in a smaller room, this can help enlarge the space!


decorate for fall

Changing artwork is a quick way to add a pop of autumnal color to the home! These mid-century modern tree prints are fun, colorful, and would look great in a set of white lacquer frames. There are tons of free printables available on the web for download, so you can find something that will suit your tastes. 

decorate for fall

I like to keep a bowl of candy out during the holiday season. These candy corn jars are the perfect vessel this October. Simply made by spray painting the three candy corn colors onto mason jars!

decorate for fall

You can decorate with candy corn without being cheesy. These yarn-wrapped cones are proof! Simply wrap styrofoam cones in several different colors of yarn. Hot glue to keep in place!

decorate for fall

Don't forget the twigs! Branches are abundant during the fall and they're one of nature's least expensive craft materials! Create a wreath with twigs you've found on one of those nature walks you've been telling yourself to take. 

decorate for fall
Speaking of working with nature! The easiest (and my personal favorite) way to decorate is with flowers. They instantly freshen a space. The colors are so vibrant during the fall and every arrangement packs a punch. 

How do you decorate for fall? 

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Eve M on Nov 17, 2014:

Brilliant now I can get organized. Thank you.

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