Roundup: 10 Fun DIY Leaf Crafts For Fall

10 DIY Projects Using Leaves

Over here in Boston, the leaves are starting to to turn pretty colors and fall to the ground. Which got me thinking... there must be some fun craft projects using leaves. Turns out there are tons of them. Keep reading for ten of my favorites.   


10 DIY Craft Projects Using Leaves

1. Make this beautiful place card holder using these instructions. [Photo: Honest To Nod]

2. Handwritten type and nature... two of my favorite things! Check out the tutorial for this leaf banner here. [Photo: Love Paper Paint]

10 DIY Craft Projects Using Leaves

3. Find out how to make this beautiful wall art here. [Photo: Dio Home Improvements]

4. Use a hammer to get this pretty effect - find out more here. [Photo: Crafty By Photo]

5. Create these leaf skeletons using these instructions. [Photo: Digu]

10 DIY Craft Projects Using Leaves

6. Learn how to make these pretty glittered leaves here. [Photo: 6th Street Design School]

7. Find out more about these gorgeous clay leaf bowls here. [Photo: Urban Comfort

10 DIY Craft Projects Using Leaves

8. Aren't these leaf animals just adorable? [Photo: Tomorrow's Adventures]

9. And another pretty piece of wall art... here's the tutorial. [Photo: Nerd & Healthnut]

10. Find out how to recreate this stunning, colorful leaf banner here. [Photo: IMDREWSCOTT]

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faith-towers on Oct 09, 2014:

No problem! Good luck with it!

Jeanne on Oct 09, 2014:

Thanks, Faith. I didn't think about Googling it! Duh.  :-D

Jeanne on Oct 08, 2014:

I'd dearly love to know how to make leaf skeletons, but I don't know how to read Japanese.  :-(

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