When Fashion Designers Turn Interior Designers

When Fashion Designers Turn Interior Designers

Scrolling through images from fashion designer's runway shows and accompanying interiors they've designed is more than a little cool. These rooms have been 'dressed' in delightfully similar ways. Not that that's surprising, but it is fascinating to assess them side by side. Take, for example, the Moschino catwalk picture shown above  and the image from the Hotel Maison Moschino below. They share color palettes as well as texture and softness of form.

Or this picture of Armani on the catwalk coupled with...

an interior shot of the Armani Hotel Dubai. Not only do they also have similar color palettes, they share defined structure as well.

For more catwalk/room comparisons of designers including Versace, Tony Burch, Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi, Tommy Hilfiger, Jacques Doucet, Chantal Thomass, Christian Lacroix, Wilbert Das, Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Tcherassi, and Diane von Furstenberg click here. 

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