DIY-able Draped Fabric Lampshades?

DIY-able Draped Fabric Lampshades?

Back in the 90's there was a decorating trend called 'country' that is nothing like the style of the same name we see nowadays. Last century's country consisted of a lot of pine shelves, wooden figurines on said shelves, hearts (also pine), doilies draped over said shelves, and--hand to god--huge formed fabric bows that people would hang over doorways and arches. This last trend is what makes me quite sure that these draped fabric lampshades are DIY-able. I mean, seriously, if people could  make 3 foot x 4 inch calico bows as stiff as boards, we can make these things. I've used a product to make Christmas ornaments (crocheted snowflakes) called--hand to god--Stiffy that is basically a glue you dunk fabric into and then shape as desired. After it dries, the shape stays and stays hard. Really hard. So--back to these lampshades. The accompanying description says that after they're dunked into fabric hardener, they're hung from a framed structure while weights are hung at the 4 corners to create legs. The resulting shade is then simply placed above an uplighter. The hardest part of the entire project is finding or constructing a frame. Maybe use the space under a ladder along with some wire? Hangers on a rod? A shower rod?? I'll leave it up to you. For more information about this lamp, click here. 

Here's a smaller version, but I'd worry about it being a fire hazard as the material is a bit too close to the light source for my comfort.

Mysterious Pina And Misha Lamps of Hardened Fabric [DecorationIdeasy]

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