Decor Disputes: Are These Makeovers Pretentious?

Decor Disputes: Are These Makeovers Pretentious?

When I first saw a recent collection of home remodels (tear downs, really) on HuffPost Home, I was impressed by the level of their transformation, not necessarily style. So, to see what other's were thinking, I scanned the readers' comments, and my eyes trained on the words 'ostentatious' and 'pretentious.' Overwhelmingly, respondents  agreed, which led me wonder how my fellow Curbliers felt about the transformations. Do you feel they're ostentatious and/or pretentious? Are your opinions based upon style? On the surrounding homes in the neighborhood? To see all of the b & a's in question, click here. 

6 Before-And-After Home Remodels You Have To See To Believe [HuffPost Home]

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