Roundup: 5 Decorative Uses For Ladders

DIY ladder decor

Ladders are becoming more and more popular as decoration. Here are five ladder decor ideas that are pretty AND practical! I'm kind of in love with #4.      


diy ladder decor

A classic way to use it, this ladder works perfectly to hang blankets and keep them out for eyes to see. via Love Grows Wild 

diy ladder decor

2. Turning a ladder sideways and hanging it on the wall? Cool. Placing books between each rung? Genius. 

diy ladder decor

3. Keep storage vertical and neat with this simple DIY. Baskets sitting on each step can store soaps, towels, and more. 

diy ladder decor

4. I love the idea of using a wooden ladder to hang lights to create a unique vanity space. via Modern HomeDecor 

diy ladder decor

5. Hang pots overhead in the kitchen by turning a ladder into a useful and lovely rack. via Woman's Day 

Do you already have a ladder that you're using in your home? I'm partial to the blanket storage idea!

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