7 Tips For Arranging Your Living Room Furniture

Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture

Sometimes arranging living room furniture can be challenging when the space doesn't dictate a clear layout. Sure, you can go the easy route... but there are some great ways to set up your furniture in a more dynamic way. I've compiled a set of tips that will have your living room in tip top shape in no time.   


1. Arrange furniture around a focal point. For many of us, the TV is the focal point - but it may also be a fireplace, or even a large picture window with a view. Try setting up your sofa and chairs so that they are facing that focal point. 

Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture

2. It's called a living room for a reason. The living room is meant to be a social place, so be sure to set up the furniture in a way that promotes interaction among guests. To keep conversations going, seating should be placed 3 to 4 feet apart. As you can see above, the chairs are all facing each other with a small table in between to set down drinks and snacks. Head over to Better Homes and Gardens for more advice on furniture arrangement.

3. Don't forget about tables. One common mistake that people make when setting up their living room is a lack of flat surfaces for setting down a cup of coffee or a magazine. There should be a table within a couple feet of every seat in the room. If you have a long couch, try putting a console table behind it. 

4. Pay attention to symmetry and scale. First, decide whether you prefer a symmetrical or an asymmetrical layout. Symmetry provides a feeling of calm and restfulness, while an asymmetrical arrangement will give your space energy and visual excitement. Also, be sure to mix pieces of various scales to make your space more interesting.

Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture

5. Think about the way people move through the space. It's also important to consider the way people will circulate through the room. If the TV is the focal point, it doesn't make sense for people to have to walk in front of it to get to the couch. Make sure doorways are easily accessible and that there is plenty of space for people to maneuver around furniture.

6. Think outside the box. Literally. Consider arranging your pieces in a different way, rather than the traditional box-shaped arrangement. Some spaces look nice set up on the diagonal, while others may benefit from separate clusters of furniture.

7. Use a variety of different types of furniture. As shown in the very first photo at the top of the page, varying the seating provides different options for guests. A couch is the most comfortable option, but if a visitor doesn't know anyone else in the room they may actually be more comfortable in their own chair. The same goes for tables - coffee tables, end tables and console tables all serve different purposes and can be helpful in different situations. Head over to HGTV for more helpful tips.

As you can see, there's more to arranging your living room furniture than just putting the couch across from the TV. But with some extra thought and planning, you can create an inviting space for both you, your family and friends.

And feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

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