7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

Ready for another round of weekend DIYs to try? This week's project roundup features some especially awesome tutorials. Learn how to frame oversized artwork, make your own hammock, ombre some potted plants, and more. There are plenty of ideas to keep you busy from now until Sunday.       

Here are 7 cool DIY ideas to try this weekend:

1. Giant DIY Art Frames from Scratch

2. Golden Bedside Sconce Makeover

3. Stamped Napkins Using Common Household Items

4. How to Make a Desert Terrarium

5. Ombre Potted Plants DIY

6. Simple DIY Wood Coat Rack

7. DIY Hammock Idea

Which project idea is your favorite? Does anything in particular stand out to you as a must-try DIY?

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