How To: Make a Sticker Mandala Art Piece

How To: Make a Sticker Mandala Art Piece

I've seen stickers turned artwork before, but this is the first time that I've seen a blow by blow tutorial showing the process. Fabulous. Erica from Honestly WTF is the genius behind it, and when you see the outcome of this project, you'll probably let loose a WTF too. I mean seriously, the  sticker placement is absolutely perfect. And is it just me, or does it make you feel like you're looking through a kaleidoscope?? LOVE it. 

Erica made it to put in her son's room, but I think this bit of gorgeousness could go anywhere. Supplies, as you can imagine, are minimal (stickers, sturdy paper, pencil, kneaded rubber eraser, ruler, yardstick), but the secret ingredients to the project's success are a compass and protractor. Head on over to Honestly WTF for all the details.

DIY Sticker Mandala [Honestly WTF]

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