Before: A Cramped Kitchen Gets A Massive Overhaul

by on Jan 1, 2015

A Cramped Kitchen Gets A Massive Overhaul

Renovating this kitchen was no small feat. Sure, the owners could have just installed new appliances and called it a day. But instead, they tackled a massive gut renovation that transformed the space from an outdated eyesore to a contemporary dream kitchen.

  “Location, location, location,” is what they always say in the real estate industry. This home, located on the fringes of beautiful Newton Centre, Massachusetts, sits on a quiet tree-lined street within easy walking distance of nearby shops and restaurants. It was one of those properties that required a set of rose colored glasses to see its full potential. The kitchen was outdated and impractical. But that didn’t stop owners Julie Watts and Bob Cohen; they had a vision for the space, and it didn’t include rust colored floors or antiquated cabinetry.

A Massive Kitchen Overhaul

A Massive Kitchen Overhaul

Julie and Bob, along with their architect Jim Higgins, imagined the space like a blank slate, choosing to remove walls and rethink the layout in order to make the space more open. The tight corners and dead space in the middle of the kitchen had to go… and boy, did they ever.

A Massive Kitchen Overhaul

The resulting room, as you’ll see tomorrow, defies all expectations. The open layout feels at once inviting and relaxing, and provides the perfect space for cooking and entertaining. 

A Massive Kitchen Overhaul

To see the unbelievable final reveal, head over here…. You won’t believe your eyes!

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