29th Avenue: A Fresh and Functional Home Office Makeover

29th Avenue: A Fresh and Functional Home Office Makeover

Following our tear-it-down-to-the-studs bathroom makeover earlier this year, we were ready for some, shall we say, less intense home updates. You know, the kind that mostly just involve paint and rollers, not drywall and jackhammers.      

UPDATE: Can't stand the suspense? Click here for the full reveal!

Since my husband and I both spend a lot of time on our computers working and creating and working some more, we wanted to create a home office that we could feel calm yet productive in. Something that wasn't too visually chaotic and had lots of storage for all those random office-y things. Something that feels kinda like this:


Or this:

Or maybe even this:

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Pretty, right?! To help go from "Pinnable pretty" to real-life awesome, we teamed up with the fine folks at Haworth furniture and Loloi Rugs to transform our home office into our own uniquely fresh space. I am SO excited to share it with you!


But, first, REWIND. This is the space we started with:


Shortly after our previous office makeover (which you can see here), we up and moved to Oregon. (That's just what you do sometimes, ya know?) We brought all our office furniture along, of course, but when we got everything set up in the converted attic we now use, nothing really jived with the new space.

The room was significantly smaller than our previous office and well, have I mentioned the converted attic part? These ceilings are low and sloped, people. With all our stuff in there, the space really felt cramped and disorganized -- not at all the kind of environment we could be productive in.

The real offender of this space, however, was the paint. The previous owner must have half-diluted their paint with water or orange juice or something, because this was the streakiest, thinnest, weirdest paint job I've ever seen. Plus, the sage green walls and cream-with-some-other-color-bleeding-through ceiling really wasn't doing it for us.

So, we did what you do sometimes: we changed everything.

Check back later this week to see how our office makeover turned out!

UPDATE:  Click here for the full reveal!

Disclosure: Haworth, LampsPlus, Blinds.com, and Loloi Rugs provided products for this makeover. All views and opinions are mine alone.

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