Makeover Inspiration: DIY Leather-Wrapped Console Table

Makeover Inspiration: DIY Leather-Wrapped Console Table

Y'know... sometimes when you're working on a project, you accidentally saw a big line down the middle of an unrelated piece of furniture. Sometimes. When that happens, rather than tossing it to the curb, you put your big "think out side the box" cap on and come up with this idea: wrapping the whole thing in leather.       

I know, it sounds a little crazy, but the end result looks pretty great! Jenny from Little Green Notebook turned her previous DIY mishap (the unfortunate incident with the aforementioned circular saw) into the leather-bound, gold-studded console table you see here.

Check out Jenny's tutorial for directions on how to create your own leather table!

LINK: DIY Leather-Wrapped Console Table by Little Green Notebook

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