Make It: DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA Hack

Make It: DIY Leather Sling Chair IKEA Hack

What do you do when you need some extra lounge-y seating indoors but don't want to spend a fortune? Turn an IKEA beach chair into a stylish, Scandinavian-inspired sling chair, that's what!        

Kristi Murphy did just that when she got her hands on a Mysingso Chair from IKEA. Armed with some leather from an old couch, she created this minimal and rustic version in one afternoon. Check out the tutorial and supply list right here.

LINK: DIY Leather Sling Chair by Kristi Murphy

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Kathy on Dec 25, 2014:

Thank you! I received one of these beach chairs for Christmas. I like a lot of Ikea stuff, but this was one of those 'what were they thinking' moments. *So* not my style at all. This hack is achievable and easy, so I won't be sending my chair down to the charity shop after all.

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