Sleep Pods.


Sleep Pods.



If it's time to rethink the round beds, think I'll think the Lomme Sleep Pod, which is round and a half.

From the product's webpage:

"The naturally shaped sleeping pods mix state of the art sleep-enhancing technology with one of the oldest organic shapes in nature – the egg.

Lomme is the result of two years’ research into common sleep problems and natural therapies...Owners of Lomme beds will benefit from state of the art light and sound therapy, which remove outside disturbances and allow you to wake naturally feeling refreshed and full of energy. The egg shaped design gives you comfort and protection and makes this the best looking bed on the planet."

Whatcha think? Hype? Kubrick-like genius? Dare to dream? Round in one too many dimensions?

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Anonymous on Jul 20, 2009:

I think this would be wondeful to sleep in.

Is this a true egg shape..does it rock like a real shell shape would?

If so, there must be some cobtrol over it slowly moving around the room.

Do like it though!

jasimar on May 24, 2007:

Eww..  I can't imagine the nightmares that come from waking up inside that egg-like plastic mess.  My neon blue room is jarring enough without stying around that.  Thanks for the heads up, but this is not for me.

Melsky on May 23, 2007:

It's cool but it's really not my style.  I'd love to stay in a hotel that had beds like that, just to try it out.

Surly on May 21, 2007:

I like the way it looks, but the "price available upon request" pretty much means I'll not be owning one. I like the concept- lights, ipod, etc... Also can the mattress be replaced? it has round corners and there are no pictures of the bed in it's "made" state. I did like the photo of the bed...ahem...in use.

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