10 Tips For Keeping The Entryway and Mudroom Organized

entryway organization tips
It can be an impossible task to keep the entryway/mudroom/laundry room clean and organized. Stuff just gravitates to those areas of the home. And the family? They mean well, but if I find one more lone sock, I think I might explode. Here are a few simple tips to help you maintain the cleanliness (and your sanity).      


entryway organization tips

1. Use the S.P.A.C.E. Method. Gloves, toys, hats, coats, sports equipment, it all adds up! Sort all the items and group them into similar stacks or piles. Then, purge away! Get rid of anything that's missing its other half (eg. the lone glove or sock). Assign the items based on use or season and containerize. Place them in boxes or cubbies so that everything has a place. Finally, equalize everything by tidying the space up at the end of the day! 

entryway organization tips

2. Update Seasonally. With every season, comes a different type of clothing and gear. The water shoes and snorkel gear don't need to be on display in the winter, In turn, don't let heavy winter coats take up that precious space in the summer time. At the beginning of each season, take an afternoon to pull out and put away the items you'll be using more frequently. Use large storage bins to store out-of-season items and place them out of sight.

3. Contain cleaning products in a caddy. I'm guilty of having almost every cleaning product under-the-sun. Those bottles add up, and they also constantly fall off the shelf. Use cute caddies (buy or DIY with some cute wrapping paper) to store all those products in one place.

entryway organization tips

4. Make a pet-friendly space. Give your pets the space they need while keeping things neat and tidy. (It's possible!). Use a rack to hang leashes and collars. Store pet toys in a small basket that won't interrupt the flow of the room. Food and water can stay out all day long when placed on an elevated dish. This helps avoid kibble n' bits all over the floor! Place a comfortable and sleek pet cushion in the corner to give your pet a place to retreat when things get crazy.

5. Maximize every square foot. Take advantage of that tiny space by installing shelves from floor to ceiling. Slip off those shoes and slide under the lowest shelf. Hang hooks or racks in a lined fashion to use as a catchall for coats, jackets, and hats. Purchase small baskets or boxes to hold stray items. Place those boxes above your head but still within reach!

entryway organization tips

6. Give the room a bright update. It's no secret that if a space is dark, it's easier to throw stuff around without realizing the clutter. By brightening the space with a little paint and a few other updates such as new boxes or baskets, you and your family will be re-energized to stay organized!

entryway organization tips

7. Sort the mail. Use hanging letter trays or small baskets to designate a place for incoming and outgoing mail. Avoid those paper piles on the kitchen counter by sorting at least once a week.

8. Establish order. Think of the way in which you remove items after walking through the door (keys, bag, coat, then shoes, etc.) and try to establish a flow in the room. 

entryway organization tips
9. Use a rug. Those lovely hardwood floors might take a beating after the dirt, sand, and snow arrive. Use a rug to not only add flair, but to catch everything and protect the floor. This Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm is perfect for the space! Bonus: it doubles as a non-slip zone.

entryway organization tips

10. Double up with decor & storage. Find a bench that can double as storage with shelves and compartments. Feeling brave, Curbliers? Of course you are! Here is a great DIY bench with a flip-top and shelf by Ana White

What are some of your tips for keeping the entryway or mudroom tidy? We'd love to hear! 


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CapreeK on Jul 30, 2014:

Oops! All fixed. Thanks anon!

Anonymous on Jul 30, 2014:

Link at bottom doesn't lead to Ana White - goes to West Elm

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