Eye Candy: Clever (and Beautiful) Media Organization Solutions

Media Organization Solutions

Sure, you can throw your DVDs on a shelf in no particular order. Or you can pile your magazines messily on the coffee table. Or you could take a few extra minutes to organize your media in a more inspired way. Here are ten clever ideas that will get your organizational juices flowing.   


Media Organization Solutions

1. Hang your magazines on a ladder... trés chic! [Photo: Stil Inspiration]

2. Or try putting them on clothes hangers. These copper ones are pretty. [Photo: Welke.nl]

Media Organization Solutions

3. Or you could even mount some magazine racks on your wall if you're an avid reader.  [Photo: Lonny]

4. Is your DVD collection an eye sore? Try containing them in colorful boxes on the shelf instead. [Photo: Live Internet

Media Organization Solutions

5. Colorful binders are another great solution for CDs or DVDs if you don't care about the cases. [Photo: Parents]

6. Or you could go all out and create a DVD storage area under the bed. Or in built-ins above the bed. Or both! [Photo: EZPong

Media Organization Solutions

7. This creative mom turned regular white binders into stylish DVD holders. Find out how here. [Photo: The Uncluttered Lifestyle]

8. Do you have a lot of books and not a lot of square footage? Try using empty space in and around a staircase! [Photo: The Berry]

Media Organization Solutions

9. Multiple floating shelves look pretty cool too. [Photo: Life As A Moodboard]

10. And the easiest one of all? Organize your media by color. It looks beautiful, and it's free. [Photo: Est Magazine]

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