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Museum Tour: Art as Home Furnishings

by on Jul 2, 2014

Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to visit an exhibit at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center entitled, “Art in the Home.” Although some of the art was the conventional hang-on-the-wall kind, most of the pieces were the furnishings themselves. Tables, chairs, benches, vessels, light fixtures. Everywhere I looked was a piece of art. It was, as you can imagine, incredibly inspiring. Take a look at this pictorial tour and see if it lights a spark in you too.

Note: I was relying on the supplied ‘list of artwork’ documentation provided by the exhibitors, but not all items were accounted for in the exhibit. Therefore, I did my best with the information I had when accrediting the individual artists that created the highlighted pieces. To those artists not credited within this post, my sincere apologies. 

This Lowback Facet Bench was created by Louis John Andrew. It’s made of powder coated steel and stainless steel. ($3400)

A wooden table with a red shiny angular bench on one side.J.A. Moser

Here it is paired up with a walnut dining table ($1800)  by Nathan Hamlin. 

A colorful room has a table and bench.J.A. Moser

And the basket on the table? That’s made of washers, it’s creator is Louis John Andrew. ($1800).

Food is stacked on weird black things on the ground.J.A. Moser

On the opposite side of the table (from the faceted red bench) are these Plank Chairs, also by Louis John Andrew ($425 each).

A dark wooden table with two white chairs with holes in the seat and a blue tapestry with squiggly lines on one wall and a tall book stand in the corner.J.A. Moser

Same chair, different angle.

A repurposed white dining chair at a table.J.A. Moser

This painted solid aspen Lounge Chair was created by Nathan Hamlin ($2000).

Red chair has a large multicolored bag on top of it.J.A. Moser

Here’s another piece by Louis John Andrew, entitled “Facet Rocker” which is made of painted steel ($950).

"Museum art as home furnishings."J.A. Moser

And now for the pieces whose creators remain a mystery. I thought this vignette was quite lovely.

"A Small Living room with Chairs and Table made of Wood"J.A. Moser

There is no doubt that this lounge chair is a piece of artwork unto itself.

"Chairs and tables in modern way."J.A. Moser

No art-in-the-home installation would be complete without at least one light fixture. Here’s three, which together remind me of a flock of seagulls. The birds, not the new wave band with the unfortunate haircuts.

Three modern looking lights with red wires.J.A. Moser

Check out this kitschy piece of wall art. Can you tell what the piano keys are made out of?

A colorful mannequin sits in the corner of a grey room.J.A. Moser

Paint brushes.

An art frame painted in black and whiteJ.A. Moser

And, finally, this vignette looks like it was made for a Curbly audience.

There is a small wooden table with a blue front on it.J.A. Moser

So there you are. Inspired??

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  1. Great post! Love the piano wall art, fabulous! That piano keys wall art is actually made of paint brushes? That’s cool!