Make It: DIY West Elm-Inspired Jute Rug

Make It: DIY West Elm-Inspired Jute Rug

Sometimes you see an awesome rug and you get really excited that you've found 'the one' -- and then you see the price tag and want to crawl into a hole and weep for what will never be. Or something like that.       

Such was the case for Mandi from Vintage Revivals when she spotted the rug pictured above (on the right) last fall. It was everything she wanted, but the $800 West Elm price tag was, well, NOT. So, like any handy, frugal person she decided to make her own:

Turned out pretty swell, don't you think? Check out how she pulled it off for a fraction of the cost right here.

LINK: DIY West Elm Knock Off Rug by Vintage Revivals

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