Is This The END of IKEAHackers??

Is This The END of IKEAHackers??

Have you heard? Jules, the driving force behind IKEAHackers received a not-so-subtle visit from The Mother Ship in the form of a Cease & Desist letter. What was the letter asking her to cease & desist from doing? Using the name IKEA in her website's domain name. Jules admits when she started  IKEAHackers back in '06 she did so as a naive " crazy fan" not really thinking about copyright infringement and the like. Now, 8 years later, Jules was faced with some tough decisions and tough lawyer talk. After much negotiating between the legal wonks, Jules was allowed to keep the domain name IKEAHackers.com but under the condition that she take down all ads on the very popular site. So there goes her monetization and, therefore, compensation for the time it takes to maintain the site itself.  

What's an IKEA crazy-fan to do? Eventually move the site to a new domain name, but that risks losing her following. And that's where this post is leading. In an act of  blogger solidarity, we are asking you to consider subscribing to Jules' mailing list so that she can let you know when the new site/domain is up and running. That way you can continue to get your fill of IKEA hacks and inspiration without interruption. To sign up and show your support, click here.

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