Best of Curbly: 23 of May's Most Popular Posts

Best of Curbly: 23 of May's Most Popular Posts

It's about that time again, for the next installment of Best of Curbly. May's most popular posts included more than one impressive bathroom overhaul, how to create a raised-bed garden, and more . If you haven't had time to catch up on Curbly lately, be sure to check out this list featuring the most read posts from the last month. Ready to jump in? Let's do this.   

In no particular order, here are the most popular posts from May, on Curbly.

1. Capree's Dramatic Bathroom Reveal

2. How To: Make a Raised-Bed Boulevard Garden Using the Square Foot Method

3. Before and After: Old Dining Room Chairs Become New Again

4. Roundup: 14 DIY Textile Ideas for Your Next Craft Project

5. How To Turn a Wine Bottle into a Delf-Watering Device

6. Roundup: 22 Mother's Day Gift Ideas She Will Love

7. Before and After: Kitchen Overhaul

8. Meghan and Al's Bathroom Before

9. Meghan and Al's Bathroom Reveal

10. Before and After: Clever New Use for Unfinished Handrails

11. Roundup: 10 Ways to Use Fabric Scraps in your Home

12. Before and After: Kitchen Cart Makeover

13. Eye Candy: 10 Unconventional Curtain Ideas for your Home

14. Turn a Laundry Basket into a Planter

15. Before and After: A Dark Kitchen Gets a Refreshing New Look

16. Before and After: Ikea Table and Chairs Redo

17. Roundup: 7 DIY Projects For Your Weekend

18. Before and After: Unbelievable Bathroom Makeover

19. Roundup: 10 Affordable DIY Window Treatments

20. Bookshelf Turned Kitchen Storage Makeover

21. From Awful to Oasis: A Backyard Transformation

22. Roundup: 7 Clever DIY Sewing Tutorials for the Kitchen

23. An Outdated Pantry gets Renovated

Have a favorite Curbly post from last month that didn't make the cut? Share the link in the comments below.

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