A Very Tenacious End Table Makeover

A Very Tenacious End Table Makeover

Allison must be one of the most tenacious DIYers on the planet. Proof of that assertion is exhibited in her makeover of this sad little end table. Allison decided to strip the white paint off of it only to find that the top was made out of a laminate-type product. But the sides? Those were made  of some sort of pressed board, which started to disintegrate under the influence of the stripper. At this point, many DIYers might have thrown in the towel. Allison didn't. Her husband suggested covering the pressed board with wood veneer, which she did, only to later find that the veneer had air bubbles in it. 

Down but not out, Allison popped a few holes in the air bubbles, filled them with glue and then clamped the veneer down. She also filled the dents on the top of the table with wood filler. Then--finally--it was time for painting. Allison didn't take any pictures of the hair-pulling ordeal because she "was so upset and embarrassed" by the whole thing, thinking that if it didn't turn out, she'd just let the project fade to memory.

The outcome looks delightful, but was it worth the hassle? That's totally Allison's call, but I'm thinking I might have been very tempted to give up around the pressed board discovery. How about you? Would you have muscled through like Allison? Have you ever been broken by a makeover gone sideways? If so, please share in the comments below!!

Yellow end table: The little table that could [Allison's Everyday Journey]

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