How To: Grow a Moss Lawn

How To: Grow a Moss Lawn

I've decided to fill in the shady parts parts of my yard with moss. Ideally, I'd love to have an entire moss lawn, but until I move into a forrest, that's probably not going to happen. Until then, I'll be happy with oases of lush stuff. Of  course this means I've been researching moss and how to grow it, which led me to Moss and Stone Gardens. On their website, they provide an excellent article detailing the moss-growing process, including moss identification and soil preparation.

Another great article about moss lawns is this NY Times profile about David Benner. Mr. Brenner, 78 at the time of the article's publication, hadn't mowed or watered his moss lawn since the Kennedy administration. How's that for low maintenance and eco-friendly??  Because of his father's moss success, Mr. Brenner's son started a company called Moss Acres where we can find various moss products and accessories. 

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