7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

7 DIY Project Ideas for Your Weekend

In my book, the weekends are made for do-it-yourself projects, especially if they're fun and easy. So, I've rounded up seven of my favorite tutorials to kick off the weekend. Included on the list is a DIY dartboard, a frosted glass DIY, a new use for tin cans, and more.    

Here are 7 DIYs you might want to try this weekend.   

1. Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden Idea

2. Printable Umbrella Drink Stirrers

3. Painted DIY Stools and Candlesticks

4. DIY Dartboard for Game Night

5. DIY Sticker Wall Constellations

6. Message Candle DIY Centerpieces

7. DIY Frosted Glass Patterns on Water Glasses

Looking for more weekend projects to try? Check out the rest of the roundups in this weekend projects series right here.

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