Roundup: 90+ Recipes and Tips to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

Roundup: 90+ Recipes and Tips to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed
Do you have a mom who has everything? Are you tight on cash for a Mother's Day present? Do you want to do something extra-special this Mother's Day for the special mom in your life? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, the perfect gift for your mom or mom equivalent  just might be breakfast in bed. 

Before we start cooking, we'll need to make sure we have some sort of tray onto which we'll serve our lovely meal. If you don't have a tray on hand, you could use something as simple as a crate or the top of an old suitcase, like the ones pictured above. Or you could make one like this breakfast-in-bed table (click here for the tutorial):

Of course we'll need flatware and such, but it would be great to include on the tray a cloth napkin, a placemat, a small salt and pepper set (if what you're serving requires it), a small vase with a flower in it, and the morning newspaper, if Mom is into that.

Now that we have the doo-dads sorted, we can start getting down to the business of food. 

All Recipes has a nice article for creating the perfect breakfast in bed that includes complete menus as well tips to help plan ahead. 

Seriously, check out these 24 Savory Recipes from Serious Eats. All would be perfect for an out-of-bed brunch too. (They had me at Caramel Sticky Buns.)

The 29 recipes from BBC GoodFood are sure to impress any mom. Pictured here is their great breakfast burger. (Bacon alone could turn me back into an omnivore.)

Although these 30 Romantic ideas Brit + Co were inspired by Valentine's Day, they'd work well for Mother's Day too. On the list is Nutella French Toast with Strawberries. Mmmmm.

BONUS: The primary image from BuzzFeed Food was found at this article; it includes 28 ideas for breakfast in bed with links to recipes. It's definitely worth a visit too. 

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