This Glamorous Gold Tray Is Super Easy to Make from An Acrylic Box Frame

How to make a glamorous gold tray using an acrylic box frame.
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This is one of those deceptively easy projects that looks expensive and time consuming - but it's actually super affordable and fast to complete. Click through to find out how to make this gilded, glittery tray that's perfect for the coffee table or the kitchen counter.   


A DIY Gold Glitter Tray

After seeing this gorgeous glittery tray from Madigan Made, I decided to put my own twist on it. The process isn't difficult, and you probably have many of the materials right in your craft closet. Here's what you'll need:

- A clear acrylic box frame
- Spray adhesive
- 2 inch wide painter's tape
- Gold glitter
- Gold spray paint
- A trash bag or newspaper 

How to make a striped gold tray.

1. Begin by using painter’s tape to cover the outside edges of the acrylic box frame.

2. Next, tear off a long piece of tape to use as your first diagonal stripe. Attach one end to the corner of the outside of the box, and extend it to the opposite edge at a 45 degree angle. 

3. Tear off another piece of tape and lay it down next to the first one, leaving two inches of space empty. Repeat until the entire surface is filled with tape stripes.

4. This is what it should look like from the side.

Gold Glitter Tray Tutorial

5. Place the garbage bag underneath. Now, spray adhesive on one of the empty diagonal stripes (where the tape isn’t).

6. Sprinkle glitter all across the glue until the entire area is evenly covered with glitter.

7. Repeat this process for each stripe.

8. Once everything is dry, it’s time to remove the diagonal tape stripes. Carefully peel them off and brush off any excess glitter. Be sure to leave the tape around the edges of the box frame in place.

DIY Gold Tray Tutorial

9. Bring your frame, spray paint and a garbage bag outside. Lay the garbage bag out on the ground to protect whatever is underneath. Place the frame, glitter side up, on the garbage bag. Spray one thin, even coat of paint across the entire surface.

10. Let it dry, and repeat with multiple coats until you have achieved an even finish. Once the spray paint has dried thoroughly, peel the remaining tape off of the edges of the frame.

DIY Gold Tray

Your glamorous gold tray is finished! Fill it with a few of your favorite books and a vase of fresh flowers.


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