How To: Make Duct Tape Tumbling Block Art

How To: Make Duct Tape Tumbling Block Art

I'm all over art that doesn't involve paint and a brush--because I'm terrible at that sort of thing--which is why I LOVE this project. No paint; just tape! The secret to getting the effect of tumbling blocks is in the 60 degree cuts of the decorative medium, namely, 3 different  colors/patterns of Duct Tape. After cutting the strips of tape, then it's just a matter of assembling them in the tumbling block pattern on a pre-purchased canvas. Although, a primed piece of cost-effective MDF could work too. (I'd probably pass on using plywood or particle board because of their rougher surfaces.)

To check out the entire tutorial, visit Scotch Duct Tape. 

Tumbling Block Art [Scotch Duct Tape]

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