Folded Paper Candle Holder Cuffs

Folded Paper Candle Holder Cuffs

Before we start, a NOTE: If using these paper holders with traditional flamed candles, use them as CUFFS around glass jars ONLY with NO paper hanging over the top of the jars. To be completely safe, it would be best to use them with flameless candles.

Kate provides all the details, including a very handy PDF, to  help us make these paper, according-folded cuffs to slip over a glass candle holder or flameless candle (preferred). Using the PDF, it's just a matter of scoring as indicated and then doing a series of mountain and valley folds.

I could see using these as cuffs for jars-turned-vases as well. What do you think? Can see using them in other ways too?

For all the details and how-to, visit Mineco.

Accordion paper folding // Candle holders [Minico]

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