When is a Cabin Not a Cabin?

When is a Cabin Not a Cabin?

When it's an RV. In this case, a park model. That means the intention behind its construction is not to haul it from campground to campground from weekend to weekend, but to transport it to a  site where it's parked semi-permanently, meaning it can be moved again if it strikes its owner's fancy. For comparison, here is a typical park model:

Architect Kelly Davis's creation, the ESCAPE, was designed to look like a proper cabin. All 14 x 28 feet of it.

Besides LED lighting and Energy Star appliances, the ESCAPE is heavily insulated with R28 walls, R40 floors, and R48 ceilings.

For more pictures and info, including a floor plan, visit this page at Treehugger.

How a talented architect makes an RV look like a charming cabin in the woods [Treehugger]

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